Xenonauts dumps PayPal for Desura, starts taking cheaper pre-orders

No PayPal! Please, not in the face!

You can't keep a good indie X-COM homage down. Several weeks ago, PayPal locked down Xenonauts developer Goldhawk Interactive's account for 180 days (presumably because PayPal has been infiltrated by Sectiods ). To dodge that bullet, Goldhawk took a cue from fellow indie dev and PayPal victim Project Zomboid and and set up shop on the friendlier shores of Desura .

Xenonauts' Project Lead Chris England explained the move in an email sent to pre-order customers, and also announced a pre-order price drop from $30 to a more impulse-buyable $20 . If you've already pre-ordered at $30, you're now signed up for a "premium" version of Xenonauts (though what exactly that means isn't specified) or you can accept a $10 refund . Both standard and premium customers will get access to the preview build of the game. Also, England says he plans to offer a choice of redeeming pre-orders on Steam when Xenonauts is released, if Steam accepts the game.