XCOM shooter delayed again


2K Marin's oft-delayed XCOM shooter has retreated further into the mists of time, and is now divined to arrive sometime "during fiscal year 2014." Blue's News gleaned this blue news from Take Two's fourth quarter financial results , which also revealed a drop in profits, as expected. GTA V will fix that soon enough.

The XCOM shooter has had an outwardly troubled development process so far. Last summer, narrative director Jordan Thomas announced that the team had gone back to the drawing board and made some “aggressive design changes” to bring their shooter closer to the X-Com strategy games of old. "Candidly, it just wasn't “XCOM” enough for the hardcore fans of the original games at 2K Marin, who serve as our creative conscience," he wrote.

This XCOM is an FPS being built by the team that made Bioshock 2, not to be confused with Firaxis' strategy remake, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which is coming out this year on October 9 in the US and October 12 in Europe.

There's plenty to look forward to if 2k Marin can get XCOM right, there's good team behind it, a swanky '50s vibe and quite nice lasers. Here's some footage from last year's E3 showing.

Tom Senior

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