XCOM: Enemy Within pops up on Korean ratings board

UPDATE: XCOM: Enemy Within is a thing! 2K Games told Digital Spy that they'll be revealing the sequel/expansion/tie-in Facebook game/range of action figures at Gamescom this month, which kicks off on August 21. Hmmm, "Enemy Within," what could that be?

Original story: The XCOM franchise has received a lot of love recently, and it looks like the passion for making new XCOM games isn't wavering anytime soon. Someone with a knack for scoops found something called “XCOM: Enemy Within” listed on the Korean ratings board website.

The name sounds like the perfect title for a sequel to the unforgiving test of tactics known as XCOM: Enemy Unknown , but that's just pure speculation. We don't know if XCOM: Enemy Within will even be a turn-based strategy game, but we sure as hell know what we'd want to see if that happens to be the case. Namely, more mission variety and less squad members looking like they came off an android assembly line.

There's a chance we'll see Enemy Within rear its bulging grey head at this year's fast-approaching Gamescom convention, but it's impossible to say for certain. All we know from the listing is that the enemy within us will be making its way to the PC when it finally decides to blink back at us.

We've contacted 2K Games for more information.