Incoming XCOM: Enemy Unknown patch fixes hanging issues, makes Easy difficulty easier

XCOM Enemy Unknown suppressive fire

2K Community Coordinator Marion Dreo issued a pre-deployment briefing yesterday for XCOM: Enemy Unknown's second patch. Assembling in the hangar are a few fixes for game-hanging encounters during Alien Activity and UFO interception as well as improved multiplayer netcode and roof visibility during Abduction missions.

The patch also includes an easier Easy difficulty—let's face it, your KIA roster will thank you—and the elimination of a Snap Shot penalty dealt from Overwatch before moving. Dreo also acknowledged Firaxis' awareness of players encountering a defeat screen after saving the world from an overwhelmingly superior alien invasion ("But at what cost?!"), but didn't confirm the inclusion of a possible fix in the upcoming patch.

2K's official forums hold the full notes for your perusal.

Omri Petitte

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