Xbox 360 emulator shares batch of DX12 Halo 3 screens

Xenia, the free and open-source Xbox 360 emulator (opens in new tab), has dropped Vulkan API support in favour of DirectX 12. In doing so, the dev team has shared a catalogue of in-progress Halo 3 PC screens. 

As detailed in this Reddit post (opens in new tab), the Xenia team notes that the emulator first supported OpenGL, then Vulkan and has now moved onto DirectX 12. It does however plan to return to Vulkan down the line.

"Thanks to TriΔng3l's amazing work, Xenia is now dx12 only, which also means Windows 10 only," reads the post. "Don't worry. There are plans to convert it back to Vulkan later. This is only a temporary step back to move forward. ​

"With the new change, many games that worked are now crashing and many games that crashed before are now working. But we are making progress. ​Most notably, Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST are making amazing strides. Halo 4 just started rendering today. And Halo: Anniversary actually shows the opening movie now."

Onto the stills:

Download links for Xenia can be found here (opens in new tab). For more on the subject of emulation, let me defer to Wes. The ethics of emulation: how creators, the community, and the law view console emulators (opens in new tab)