X Rebirth sees huge feature overhaul in 2.0 update

Troubled space sim X Rebirth is plotting a course for a star system where second chances might be possible. A buggy game at its fall launch , the latest entry in the X universe didn't impress when we reviewed it in February. But with the release of a massive, 2.0 feature update this week, Egosoft's space adventure might have found a better heading for itself.

Now carrying the extra moniker Secret Service Missions, X Rebirth's list of updates in the new patch is extensive. You can check out a handy manual from the developer outlining all the changes here , but the 2.0 edition appears to cover nearly every aspect of the game, from visuals, to pilot careers, to ship controls. A video introducing the patch is below.

In addition to the new set of missions involving the Argon Secret Service, a trio of new starting options in Rebirth allows you to take on the role of merchant trader, mercenary, or empire builder, according to Egosoft. If you own the game but haven't fired it up in a while, there might be something here to pull you back into the game's (still) gorgeous-looking, but hopefully better-designed universe. Egosoft has promised an easier-to-understand trading system, better cockpit displays, and mod support through the Steam Workshop.