These are the zone requirements for each World of Warcraft Classic area

WoW Classic zone levels
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Whether you're taking a casual approach to leveling in WoW Classic, or seeking to follow this madman who hit level 60 in less than a week on from release, it's worth knowing when you can access your desired spots. Below we've put together a simple breakdown of each major zone in the game, the level needed to enjoy them, and the faction that controls the territory.

WoW Classic zone levels

Alliance zone levels

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ZoneLevel range
Dun Morogh1-10
Elwynn Forest1-10
Loch Modan10-20

Horde zone levels

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ZoneLevel range
Tirisfal Glades1-10
Silverpine Forest10-20

Contested zone levels

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ZoneLevel range
Redridge Mountains15-27
Stonetalon Mountains15-27
Hillsbrad Foothills20-30
Thousand Needles25-35
Alterac Mountains30-40
Arathi Highlands30-40
Stranglethorn Vale30-45
Dustwallow Marsh35-45
Swamp of Sorrows35-45
Searing Gorge45-50
Blasted Lands45-55
Un'goro Crater48-55
Burning Steppes50-58
Western Plaguelands51-58
Eastern Plaguelands53-60
Deadwind Pass55-60

Chances are you'll find that, whatever your faction or race, you'll stick to your starting zone past the recommended level. That's especially if you're new to WoW Classic or you just want to tick off every quest. That said, it's when you get to the 20s and 30s that the game starts to really open up.

At this point it's up to you whether you take a tour of multiple zones, or grind out the levels in one of your favourites. It might be widely seen as the game's worst area, but The Barrens is already turning out to be a popular spot for Horde players to retrace their dusty steps and crunch through the mid-game ranks—judging by the number of players grappling with the idiosyncrasies of The Lost Battle and The Angry Scytheclaws quests, anyway.

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