Worried about your Game pre-order? EA suggest some alternatives

The Illusive Pre-order

It's troubling time for UK video game retailers, Game. They've recently announced that no EA titles will be stocked in their stores after console-only snowboarder, SSX. The sad news applies to Gamestation stores too.

It brings up the thorny issue of pre-orders. Both Game and Gamestation offered exclusive content in exchange for early customer enthusiasm. Now all those DLC codes are getting lost within the internet, like tears in the rain.

As promised last week, EA have made efforts to resolve the situation . Specific websites have been set up with advice on where you can still purchase EA games and bag yourself some exclusive content. Predictably, Origin pre-orders are not affected by the debacle.

Just click the game name to get some advice: Mass Effect 3 , FIFA Street , The Sims 3 Showtime , Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 . Good luck with it all!