UK retailer GAME won't stock Mass Effect 3, or any EA title after console SSX

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Mass Effect 3's Narrative Mode lets players coast through the story without fear of failure.

Panic stations for people who've pre-ordered their copy of Mass Effect 3 from GAME or Gamestation: the UK-based retailer won't be stocking any EA games in the month of March after PS3 and Xbox 360-only title SSX. That includes Mass Effect 3.

Eurogamer spotted the news this morning, in a memo sent around GAME Group employees. For PC gamers, the news means we won't be seeing any new EA titles for release in both GAME and Gamestation this month. Keen speculators would assume that drought would continue beyond March.

According to a launch update put out on EA's site, people who've ordered the N7 edition of the game - the collector's version that comes with free DLC and a pet robodog - should re-order their copy via Amazon, Play, Zavvi, or ShopTo. GAME promised a special pre-order bonus with their version of the game: the N7 Warfare Gear weapons pack. EA's site urges customers to stay tuned for the status of that. Course, we can still get copies from Origin, a magic internet shop unaffected by the whims of the high street.

More news as we get it from GAME Group and EA.