Worms WMD adds free Liberation update

The Worms game Tom billed as "a love letter to Armageddon", Worms WMD is a cordial throwback to the team-based strategy 'em up's roots. Its latest incoming update—Liberation—is free and adds a wealth of new tools, weapons and vehicles to help destroy its handful of new levels. 

Free to download as of December 7, WMD's Liberation update adds five new single-player level; four new weapons, including the Mischievous Drone, the W1 Rocket, the Worm Stinger, and the Tasty Worm Lick; and 12 new customisation options, like the Bicorne, Beret, Chinese Hat, and Rubber Glove. 

On top of that, the update adds a new theme "to battle upon including new buildings and tunnels to explore"; while a new drillboat vehicle marks the first seafaring mode of transport to be added to the series. 

In typically off-the-wall Worms fashion, here's some of that in motion:

Free-of-charge, Worms WMD's Liberation update will be made available on December 7. Grab the base game for £19.99/$29.99 via the Humble Store.

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