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Worms Reloaded trailerised

Worms Reloaded

If you're looking for a video featuring a worm doing an impression of David Attenborough, then you've come to the right place. The latest trailer for Worms Reloaded also features plentiful explosions and a host of doomed worms screaming in panic before being nailed by an airstrike. Just like the old days.

It mentions 60+ single player missions, AI opponents and the like, but who wants to play Worms alone? The originals were always infinitely more hilarious when playing against someone sitting next to you. Also: racing. This trailer mentions racing. But it doesn't show the racing. When I try to imagine what racing in Worms could possibly be like my mind fails and I have to reboot. Here's the trailer. Worms is available to pre-order on Steam right now.

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