Where to buy the Vessel of Profound Possibilities in WoW Shadowlands

WoW Vessel of Profound Possibilities
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Now that World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Season 4 is here, the Vessel of Profound Possibilities has finally had its restrictions removed. This handy item lets you upgrade all of your character's Conduits to 278 item level which, in turn, increases the passive bonus of each one you have equipped. 

Gear drops in general have received an item level increase in Season 4, too. So, if you run dungeons, venture into Fated raids, or take down the Fated world boss, you'll see significantly stronger gear as a reward. It makes sense to keep your Conduits in line with the overall power increase, so here's where to find the Vessel of Profound Possibilities and how much Cosmic Flux you'll need to buy it. 

WoW Vessel of Profound Possibilities location and cost 

The Vessel of Profound Possibilities is sold by each of the Covenant Quartermasters and it's the same item whichever one you buy it from. These NPCs can be found in Oribos in The Enclave, the same place you go to switch your Covenant. Otherwise, they can be found in their respective zones: 

  • Revendreth (Court of the Harvesters): Mistress Mihaela, Darkhaven
  • Maldraxxus (Undying Army): Nalcorn Talsen, Outside the Theater of Pain entrance
  • Bastion (Ascended): Adjutant Nikos, Hero's Rest
  • Ardenweald (Wild Hunt): Aithlyn, Heart of the Forest

You'll need 10,000 Cosmic Flux to buy the Vessel of Profound Possibilities. This shouldn't be too difficult, especially as you can send the currency to alts via an account-bound item you can purchase from Vilo in Zereth Mortis. 

Just keep in mind that Cosmic Flux is also used to convert gear to Tier set pieces as well as upgrade legendary gear if it's below Rank 7—if it's maxed out, you won't need to worry—so make sure you have some spare. 

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