How Fyrakk Assaults work in World of Warcraft

WoW Fyrakk Assault - a demon hunter is sitting on a dragonriding mount, looking towards a Fyrakk Assault
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The WoW Fyrakk Assault is a new weekly activity that was introduced to the Dragon Isles with the 10.1 update and the start of Season 2. When you're ready to jump into the action, an icon on your map will indicate where you need to go. You'll also get a quest with the first assault you take part in, offering you additional rewards. 

Like similar assaults from past expansions, in the Fyrakk Assault you'll need to defeat  regular enemies in a set area as well as elites that spawn in. In return you're rewarded with upgradeable gear, which can be useful if you need to catch up with alts or if you're just jumping into Dragonflight now.

At the time of writing, I've been able to complete the assault, but it was bugged for some time before I managed a win, showing the progress bar constantly at 100% but with no Disciple spawning. I'm unsure whether the event is completely fixed or if I was just lucky—just a word of warning if you also run into trouble. With that in mind, here's how WoW Fyrakk Assaults work. 

How to join a Fyrakk Assault 

A Fyrakk Assault will appear on your map at either Ohn'ahran Plains or Azure Span. A marker will show up on the map to tell you where it is each week. You can see the assault before you reach level 70, but you won't get some of the items needed to join in until you complete The Ancient Bargain, the third chapter of the 10.1 story campaign. 

WoW Everburning Key: Where to get them 

You can pick up a number of additional quests from NPCs in the area, though your primary concern before completing the event will be to get Everburning Keys to open the supply chest. This means you have to kill enemies in the area to get the items they drop to then summon more enemies for even more items: 

  • Kill normal enemies in the area and loot Ward of Ingira
  • Use five Ward of Igira at a Suffusion Crucible to summon elite enemies
  • Loot Ward of Fyrakk and use five of these at the Suffusion Mold to summon the Forgemaster

You might have also noticed the large supply crate in the area, which requires three Everburning Keys to open. The Forgemaster drops these keys—see above for details on how to summon it. Once you have three keys, use them on the Supply Chest to receive a piece of 402 item-level gear, Whelpling's Shadowflame Crest Fragments, and a decent chunk of gold. 

WoW Draconic Treasures rewards 

The Fyrakk Assault has a progress bar, and as more enemies are killed in the area, the more the bar progresses. Once full, Fyrakk will fly across the zone and burn everything in its path, similar to how Deathwing used to fly across certain Cataclysm areas. When this happens, it'll drop a Disciple, and you must kill this new elite to complete the assault and receive the Draconic Treasure reward.

Make sure you loot the body of the Disciple as the rewards aren't automatically added to your bag like they are with world quests. You'll receive a piece of 405 item-level gear, Drake's Shadowflame Crest Fragments, and a dragonriding mount customisation option. You'll also receive a quest which rewards you with a Drake's Shadowflame Crest, which lets you upgrade higher-level gear items. 

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