World of Warcraft to get cross-realm raids with patch 4.3.2, expansion prices lowered

World of Warcraft

A post on mentions that patch 4.3.2 for World of Warcraft will give players the ability to form raid groups using the Real ID party feature . Whatever realm you and your friends are on, you'll be able to invite each other into a single cross-realm group and then take on any classic dungeon or raid together. This'll work with the raid finder, but you won't be able to run Dragon Soul on normal or heroic yet.

These updates should help to take some of the admin out of getting a raid together, making WoW's most exciting zones easier to access. The move signals a gradual break-up of the borders between Realms as group activities become less and less tied to server restrictions.

They also act as a weird microcosm of Blizzard's wider strategy. The BattleTag system hopes to offer a more advanced form of Real ID, in which players can create a single identity that they can use in-game, as well as in the Blizzard store and across all of their game forums. The Battle.Net balance looks to create a currency of 'Blizzard bucks' in which funds earned in Diablo 3 can be used to buy mounts and game time in World of Warcraft, and could be extended to mods featured in the upcoming Blizzard Arcade . Blizzard are looking to connect their games into one unified Battle.Net universe from which there will be no escape.

We'll get to see how that all unfolds over the next year or so, but for now, to celebrate the new year, Blizzard also announce a permanent price drop for WoW's expansions in the store.

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