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World of Warcraft patch 4.3 adds Deathwing raid, new dungeons, raid finder and more

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World of Warcraft's Hour of Twilight update has been detailed in full in the official patch notes on Battlenet . The update will finally give WoW players the chance to defeat Deathwing in the new Dragon Soul raid event . A new Raid Finder tool will let out-of-guild players get raiding parties together quickly, and the patch will add a collection of new games to Darkmoon Faire .

The Deathwing fight itself sounds incredible. It takes place in two parts, the first asks players to "parachute from soaring gunships to attack the monster mid-flight and attempt to weaken him by ripping away his armor." The final confrontation happens deep in the Maelstrom.

In the run up to that encounter, three five-man dungeons will send players back in time to recover the Dragon Soul, the greatest weapon ever forged. Thrall thinks that may be the key to defeating Deathwing. Many enormous bosses have other ideas, and will try and squash you underfoot at every stage.

The patch also makes a huge number of balance changes and adds a ton of new loot to earn. Transmogrification NPCs will let you customise the appearance of your armour, Void Storage will give you plenty of long term cupboard space. To get you warmed up for the final fight, here's an awesome picture of Deathwing impaled on a tower, from patch 4.3's End Time dungeon.

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