How to get the Lost Tuskarr Kite in WoW: Dragonflight

WoW: Dragonflight Lost Tuskarr Kite
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The Lost Tuskarr Kite in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is a quest item you'll need to find in The Waking Shores. Unlike many other Wanted quests, this one doesn't require killing a named enemy; instead, you just need to locate and retrieve the missing kite and return it to Cataloger Jakes.

Getting around the Dragon Isles is much easier once you've collected all the Dragon Glyphs and maxed out your dragonriding talents, but other modes of transport are also available in the new zones. You'll have to head to one of the boats in The Waking Shores for the Lost Tuskarr Kite quest, so here's what you need to know.

Pier location at Uktulut Outpost. (Image credit: Blizzard)

WoW Dragonflight Lost Tuskarr Kite location 

Once you've picked up this quest from the noticeboard at Dragonscale Basecamp, you'll see a marker on your map over on the west coast of The Waking Shores at Uktulut Outpost, so that's where you need to head. Once you arrive, look for the pier with the NPC and the timer, which handily tells you when the boat will next arrive. Be warned, it might take a while—I had to wait more than ten minutes for it to arrive.

You can fly over to the boat as soon as you spot it, if you like, and you'll even see the Lost Tuskarr Kite flying behind it. However, you can only retrieve the kite once the boat reaches the dock. When the boat comes to a full stand-still, the kite will drop into the water and this is when you can grab it.

Once you've retrieved the Lost Tuskarr Kite, head back to the Dragonscale Basecamp and locate Cataloger Jakes inside the large tent there to hand in the quest for a Supply Cache and 250 Dragonscale Expedition reputation.


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