Warcraft director Duncan Jones wrote an entire script for a Full Throttle movie, and you can read it here

Ben on the road
(Image credit: LucasArts)

When I get writer's block I stare hopelessly at a blank page desperately hoping something, anything will come out. Not film director Duncan Jones, though. After a recent creative slump, the director of Moon, Source Code, and the Warcraft movie wrote an entire script for a movie based on Tim Schafer's badass biker adventure game Full Throttle.

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You can read the script here. It's pretty faithful to the game, with a lot of Schafer's brilliant dialogue left intact. It also, surprisingly, sticks closely to the structure of the game, including Ben's adventures in the dingy town of Melonweed to locate tools, parts, and gas so Mo can repair his bike.

It's a little weird seeing the 'collect 3 items' point-and-click adventure game trope in the form of a movie screenplay, but it kinda works. Alas, this isn't a script that's being put into production—just a fan project by Jones. But it did attract the attention (and approval) of Schafer. "I did wish hard for this year to be better than last year," he said on Twitter. "But I did not expect  [Jones] to spontaneously bang out a complete script for a Full Throttle movie!"

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