World of Tanks update 9.2 adds Strongholds mode, "HD" vehicle models, more

You can tell a lot about a tank by its name, by which I mean you can tell almost nothing, as evidenced by that beauty up there. That's the British Churchill I, and it doesn't look a thing like the British Prime Minister during WWII, or even that nodding dog that flogs people car insurance. It does, however, look like the kind of vehicle that could rip another tank to shreds, and that's probably more useful in a game called 'World of Tanks' . This more detailed Churchill's being added as part of WoT's 9.2 update, along with revamped Soviet IS and SU-100s, and a prettier German StuG III. Wargaming have also reworked a few maps and added a brand new game mode named Strongholds.

Here's an overview of Strongholds, in Wargaming's own words:

"Strongholds is an all new game mode designed specifically for members of Clan Wars. Clan Commanders are now able to create virtual bases for their clans, participate in Skirmishes alongside their fellow players, earn Industrial Resources, develop their Stronghold up to Level 4 and be awarded with special bonuses called Orders. Tankers can use Orders to activate a variety of temporary in-game bonuses for all clan members in all combat modes. As the level of the Stronghold increases, so does the frequency and quality of bonuses received."

Eight maps have also been tinkered with, in response to player feedback, though Wargaming haven't broken down exactly what the changes are. The Prokhorovka battle arena appears to have been given the most attention—this now boasts "stunning visual effects", you'll be pleased to hear. Actually, wouldn't being stunned put you at a severe disadvantage during a multiplayer match?

Update 9.2 is now live in North America, but folks in Europe, Asia and Korea will have to wait until July 31st. I'll leave you with a few pinups of those hi-def tanks.

Tom Sykes

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