World of Tanks is out next month

World of tanks - stealth tank in the reeds

If, deep down, you've always wanted to be a tank, then we've got good news.'s MMO World of Tanks is set for release in the UK and the US next month, on April 12. It's been in beta testing for nine months now, and it's already broken the record for the most people logged into one server, with more than 91,000 people playing at the same time.

World of Tanks is primarily about player vs. player scraps, with a heavy emphasis on teamwork, and getting the precise build of your war machine right. The tanks themselves can be heavily customised with hundreds of unlockable upgrades. Everything from armour plating, to barrel size and ammunition type can be altered. For more on the game, check out the official World of Tanks website . There's a trailer below showing plenty of in-game action. Feel the tank power!

[via Bluesnews ]

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