World of Tanks, Democracy 3 and Verdun among games championing Armistice fundraiser

War Child is a UK-founded charity that provides assistance to children in the aftermath of conflict, whose latest fundraising drive targets videogames and Armistice Day—which you may better know as Veterans Day or Remembrance Day. The charity's 'Armistice' campaign encourages peaceful play to support children affected by war and is supported by World of Tanks, Verdun, Democracy 3 and 1979 Revolution: Black Friday, each game of which has developed peaceful playthrough options, DLC or is donating a portion of their sales to the initiative. 

"War Child aims to build on this peaceful movement so it becomes an annual event where more and more gaming studios and players around the world raise of awareness and money for children living with the brutality of war," reads a statement, while Wargaming has released the following video.

From now until Monday, November 14, World of Tanks is selling packs of three or ten "especially designed peace emblems in support of the campaign" which cost  £1.77/€1,99 and £4.44/€4,99 respectively. From December 16 to 31, Verdun 1914 will launch a 'Christmas Truce DLC' via Steam—inspired by the real world ceasefire during Christmas that year. The expansion will mirror history with "football matches, snowball fights and the exchange of Christmas cards."  

"Two more studios are getting involved by showing their support for the campaign," adds the statement, "and from 21 November—2 December Democracy 3 and from 28 November—2nd December 1979 Revolution: Black Friday have agreed to donate the net income of their sales for a week during the period to support the campaign."

More information on War Child and what the charity does can be found on its official site.