World of Tanks creator: after Warplanes "we will do Battleships"

A boat.

We recently got the chance to catch up with's CEO, Victor Kislyi about the monster success of World of Tanks, and what comes next: World of Warplanes, and possible further continuations of the series. Kislyi revealed that are already thinking about where to go after World of Warplanes, suggesting that battleships are the obvious next direction.

When asked why decided to do Warplanes as their next game, Kislyi said it was down to the number of requests on the World of Tanks forums, and added that "when players talk about what they want us to do for the next game, of course they say battleships because there is a lot of Navy Field players playing our game that don't seem to believe in Navy Field 2."

When quizzed further on a possible World of Battleships, he said that "My mantra for the last year would be that, after an hour of playing World of Tanks, even a six year old boy would can come up with a list of obvious continuations of the series or franchise. There would be World of Tanks, maybe World War 1, but of course battleships, of course helicopters, of course warplanes, of course modern jetplanes, of course big walking robots.

"It's not about having the ideas. Ideas, everyone has those ideas. The key is to find appropriate development team, or grow it, expand it, put a lot of money in so the game is quality, and then also wrap it up in community and support layers to service it right. Any of those games are possible would be a success if done right.

"So yes, we are thinking about Battleships," he added, later saying "we will do Battleships, anyway."

It'll be some time before we see anything more on Battleships, are currently working on a ton of new updates for World of Tanks that will add new vehicles, maps and games, and are currently hard at work developing World of Warplanes, which was announced a few weeks ago at E3. We'll have more news about the future of World of Tanks, and more details on World of Warplanes shortly.

Tom Senior

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