World of Darkness: a new vampire MMO from the creators of EVE Online

World of Darkness

Eve Online creators CCP have revealed more about their sinister MMO, World of Darkness. It's all about being a vampire. It's based on the World of Darkness pen and paper RPG system developed by White Wolf, who CCP merged with back in '06. The same system behind Troika's flawed by brilliant RPG, Vampire: The Masquerade.

Massively have some fresh news from the White Wolf Grand Masquerade event that took place this weekend. Like Eve Online, the whole game will take place at night on a single server. You'll start out as a mortal, and will have to make the choice whether or not to become a vampire for the duration of your existence. Ironically, In a game about achieving immortality as a monster of the night, you will be able to die permanently.

The MMO hopes to stay true to the nature of White Wolf's world. Expect gore, nudity and madness to feature prominently. Massively also say that there will be a heavy emphasis on live action roleplaying (LARPing), with plot lines that will bleed out into real world ARG events. "Player politics" will be a big part of the experience, something CCP have excellent experience with in Eve Online, the most politically fraught and MMO in the world.

Gamespot have some wobble-cam footage of the introductory teaser trailer shown at last year's Grand Masquerade event, which you can see below. It's hard to imagine how the dual mortal life/vampire system, the LARPing and permadeath will work, logistically, but an MMO set in the World of Darkness universe is fascinating prospect. Who wants to be a vampire?

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