World of Battleships trailer shows large ships and larger explosions


The ocean isn't a safe place to be in World of Battleships' latest trailer, revealed at E3 this morning. It showcases the sunken remains of dozens of hulking ships and shows glimpses of how they got there.

The trailer reveals multiple types of naval vessels including aircraft carriers and possibly submarines (that torpedo had to come from somewhere right?). Also revealed at E3: is merging all of it's games into a single platform that will share a single economy and shared user profiles. This will allow players to move cash shop currency and experience points between games.

Even more exciting is the fact that they've expanded the extent to which players in each game—World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, and World of Battleships—will be able to assist, attack, or destroy clans in their other games.

At GDC, we found out there would be some level of interaction during our interview with their CEO , and it's great to hear that the devs are dedicated to making sure that players in all three games will be working to control territories on the same map. Those are going to be some epic-scale wars once all three games are live later this year.