Wolfenstein 2 PC patch adds DLC episode, combat simulations, stability fixes

Last week, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus dropped a modest patch that re-enabled Steam overlay and sorted distribution issues in a number of regions. Today, the alternate timeline shooter has launched its first major update—that comes with a new DLC episode, ten new combat simulations, and a number of stability fixes, among other things. 

Live now, the patch activates the Vault option which was previously locked in the game's menu. Within, players will now find ten new so-called "combat simulations" that can be accessed following Chapter 2. "You can replay these missions anytime from the menu option," reads this Steam community update, "or in a room on Evas Hammer in the game."

Furthermore, The Freedom Chronicles DLC prequel chapter—named Episode Zero—is now available for those players who pre-ordered, as well as Season Pass holders who redeemed codes.

As for PC-exclusive fixes, the new update hits stability across Windows 10 and Nvidia GPUs, as well as a handful of tweaks and adjustments as outlined here:

  • Improved stability on NVIDIA 10-series GPUs.
  • Async compute temporarily disabled until driver fix available.
  • Forced driver update on driver detect warning message can now be manually bypassed.
  • Improved Win 10 stability on supported NVIDIA GPUs when launching at any resolution other than 4K when DPI scaling is set to 175 percent 4K monitor.
  • Improved Win 10 stability on supported NVIDIA GPUs when resolution is changed to 4K while DPI scaling is set to 125 percent or 150 percent.
  • Fixed “zoomed in brightness menu” issue on 4K monitors (when DPI scaling was set to greater than 100 percent).
  • Skybox fixes.

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