Winter Veil descends upon Hearthstone

Hearthstone Winter veil

As I get older, I find my attempts at Christmas become ever more cursory: I haven't begun shopping for presents; my Christmas tree is more of a Christmas shrub; and I can't even decide what I want from those who deign to ask me. It's all a lot of effort. Apparently Blizzard feels the same way, because the Winter Veil 'event' has descended on Hearthstone and it's not the company's most lavish Christmas do.

The Stormwind and Orgrimmar boards have had a dusting of snow and cheery decorations, and winter will come to the other boards as the event proceeds through to January 6. Heroes, meanwhile, have been given festive greetings, plus we get 10 Classic card packs free... when we buy 40 or more.

It's a long way from Scrooge-like, but it lacks the spirit of the holiday bashes Blizzard likes to throw in World of Warcraft. Still, there are supposed to be more festivities in the works—I'd like to see a Greatfather Winter-themed Tavern Brawl for a start. While you wait for that to materialise, we've gone and ranked the best Hearthstone pros in the world.