Winds of Revenge is a game about smacking your boss in the face

I don't mind my boss. In fact, I quite like him, chiefly because he reads this website. But that doesn't mean other people don't have fraught relationships with their bosses. Indeed, there are occasions when people might even want to throw something at their boss. So it's good that videogames exist, because they sometimes let us do things like that.

One game in service to this fantasy is Winds of Revenge, a free title developed as part of an Unreal Engine 4 game jam in November. Developed by a team of five known as Crybabies, the game tasks you with guiding a paper aeroplane straight into the face of your stupid boss.

It's a pretty simple set-up: using various air sources throughout the 3D levels, you need to guide your paper aeroplane through the office while ensuring it doesn't lose momentum. Ideally, you'll guide your plane all the way to your boss's fancy pad (it has the best view, naturally), where you'll try to smack him point blank between the eyes. 

It's a free game, and at 100mb, you can probably even download it and play it in the office. Go forth and sate your petulant urges, friends.

Here's a video by YouTube account "famous scum", if you want to see it in action before diving in:

Shaun Prescott

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