Windows 10 brings back built-in Solitaire

Solitaire Windows 8

Solitaire is probably the greatest game Windows has brought to the masses—a legend in its own right, loved, parodied, referenced and blamed in equal measure. As reported on the Verge, Microsoft has opted to bring back the classic card game in a built-in, pre-installed fashion for Windows 10.

It's yet another step towards making the next OS just like the past, likely in order to head off complaints before they are raised. While you could get hold of Solitaire for Windows 8, it involved searching through the Windows Store, and nobody wants to actually do that. There was a help page for it, hilariously.

This return to the classic arrangement—you have Solitaire, and you will enjoy it—must come as music to office workers/general bored people across the globe.

If Minesweeper is coming back too, I might as well book a week off work right now.