Win access to Buck in the new Hi-Rez team shooter, Paladins

Hi-Rez, creators of the excellent Tribes: Ascend and Smite, have launched their latest game in open beta. Paladins is a free-to-play FPS that lets you customise your characters using collectible cards. The studio describes it as "a team shooter with a fantasy setting, a sense of humor, and a high degree of customization and strategy." Tom enjoyed his time with the game in our hands-on preview.

Everyone is free to download the open beta and jump in today, however we have an extra treat for you, in the form of 10,000 keys for the hero, Buck, and his commando skin. Here he is being alarmed at the size of his own arm.

Buck joins heroes such as, Makoa the gun-toting tortoise with a will to kill, and Grover the tree, who carries a huge axe in case other trees try to start some trouble. Mow them all down with Buck's shotgun arm and giant punching fist, in the name of PC Gamer.

To apply for the giveaway, simply enter your email address into the widget below. Winners will be randomly selected and keys mailed out on Monday. Good luck!

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