Win a Total War: Warhammer 2 Serpent God Edition with Bundle Stars

Total War: Warhammer 2 has is almost upon us, due on September 28. To mark the occasion, we've partnered with Bundle Stars and are giving away the game's Serpent God Edition—which comes packing a host of limited edition collectibles.

Inside a neat looking presentation box you'll find: a Slann puzzle globe, carved teeth totems, a canvas map, a Saurus Warrior Blade USB, an art book, an insider strategy guide, the new Race Pack DLC for the first Warhammer game, and few other treats and trinkets.

While preorders should always be made with caution, Bundle Stars is offering an 18 percent discount on Steam keys ordered directly from the digital retailer, with which you'll also receive the first game's Norsca DLC. 

Speaking of the original, it's selling on Bundle Stars at the moment with a 70 percent discount, while its DLC is subject to some savings too. 

As for the giveaway, for your chance to win simply follow the instructions via the widget below.

Good luck!

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