Win a GOG Summer Sale bundle including Baldur's Gate, No Man's Sky and Frostpunk

GOG Summer Sale banner
(Image credit: GOG)

With GOG's Summer Sale in full swing, we've teamed up with the store to put some free games in your very deserving hands. You lucky, lucky people. 

The theme of this year's sale is a celebration of generations of games and gamers, so we've got classics from yesteryear in Baldur's Gate 1&2; a new game that evokes perennial favourite Heroes of Might & Magic 3, Hero's Hour; and modern classics No Man's Sky, Don't Starve and Frostpunk. 

If you want to be in with a chance to win this bundle, just head on over to our lovely forums  and leave a comment telling us which character from any of the games in the prize pack is your favourite.

As for the GOG Summer Sale itself, you've still got plenty of time to sift through all the games, including the ones we've added to the PC Gamer Collection

The sale concludes on June 27, and before then there will be more discounts, freebies and surprises. GOG's giving away another game tomorrow, June 17, and it's brought back the Insomnia promo event, adding another game with a steep discount every six hours. 

Good luck!

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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