Win 1 of 50 codes for Western Press, a frontier duelling game

Western Press is a frontier duelling game, and as far as simulations go, it's about as unrealistic as you can get. Rather than simply firing your gun, one must press a series of keys as quickly as possible – quicker than your opponent – in order to win. It's a simple enough concept, but it's a lot of fun – especially in a room full of competitive people who like to swear really loudly while drinking beer.

The game features 16 player tournaments (you can play against bots, if you want), as well as both local and online play. It also supports Steam Workshop, allowing users to customise their playable-characters. Wanna compete in a keyboard duel as Snake Plissken? Well, you can now. This is some world we live in. You can already play as Yoshi.

Studio Bandit-1 is also rolling out an update this week introducing more keyboard specific control options including ten letter words and gibberish strings of inputs.

We've got 50 Steam codes for Western Press to give away. To enter the comp, fill out the form over here and answer the following question in 25 words or less: "Which fictional character or real life personality would make a good custom character for Western Press and what would their weapon of choice be?"

We'll pick our favourite answers on Friday and send over a code if you've been successful.

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