Wildstar's Destination Arcterra update goes live

Wildstar Destination Arcterra

Wildstar has received its first major content dump since going free-to-play in September last year. Destination Arcterra invites you to explore a frigid continent in following the tale of Drusera and the Entity. Along with its telegraphing, dodge-rolling combat system, Wildstar's story was a joy, so more of that, please.

There's also a new dungeon below the wastes, unlocked for one faction every 24 hours based on who reaps the most keys from bosses roaming the zone. Andy has a neat summary for you, but if you'd like the unadulterated, nitty-gritty patch notes, they're over on the WildStar forums.

We were promised a Steam release for Wildstar in the first half of 2016, which I figured would accompany the release of Arcterra. A cursory search on the Steam Store says otherwise, but I'd be surprised if it's still far off—launching on Steam could do a lot for a game whose developer recently suffered yet more layoffs.