Wildstar: Invasion Nexus update released


Clothes or Fighting? In many respects, they're the two sides of the MMO coin. Wildstar's latest update caters to both. There's a new 20-person, single boss raid instance, a Level-50 Contracts system and a new Level-50 zone for the fight-fans. For the clothing inclined? A new Holo-Wardrobe system and personal pets.

Naturally, there also a video, designed to highlight how players can now get dressed and/or punch things.

It's possible the update also contains things not relating to clothing or fighting. Stuff like optimisation improvements and an overhauled objective tracking system. To be sure, you'd better visit the Invasion Nexus release post on the Wildstar website.

Wildstar: Invasion Nexus is now live in-game.

Phil Savage

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