Wildman update video shows early gameplay, details DRM, engine, canned corn


Chris Taylor has a lot of things to say about Gas Powered Games' RTS/RPG hybrid Wildman. We know, because we chiseled them all down on a reading rock coveted by our tribe. More information surfaced today as part of an update to backers of Wildman's Kickstarter campaign , as a still-unscathed Taylor stepped in front of the camera to show off a rough in-game ruckus and talk about DRM (spoiler: none), the game's proprietary engine, and multiplayer.

Before any of that, however, Taylor stressed the straightforwardness of his update with this pledge: "I'm not going to take a can of corn and open it up and make really bad jokes about the corn." Okey-doke.

The topic thankfully shifted away from packaged produce when Taylor revealed the first glimpses of what Wildman actually looks like in motion. "The number of characters fighting here is actually nothing compared to what we'll have," Taylor explained as the Wildman's band swarmed about and gave a serious beating to a rather defenseless snow hut. The slightly cartoonish look suggests a more lighthearted tone considering all the brain bashing you'll do, and Taylor noted it "allows us to do more visually."

Another pleasing tidbit: no DRM. Taylor was emphatic about dropping any sort of copy protection entirely, saying, "DRM is something we're not doing in Wildman." Yes .

Taylor also said Gas Powered's focus is "absolutely" on single-player with future co-op support for Warzones in a later update. Wildman's Kickstarter page further revealed the inclusion of both online and offline modes, and the studio's priorities are on the latter for mod support and a possible offline co-op feature. Yesx2 .

All told, we've come away with three yays and no nays, but Wildman's fledgling state could very well bring major changes and design decisions further on. As always, we'll chisel up more info as we learn it.

Omri Petitte

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