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Who is The Vault in AC Valhalla? By now you should be used to having to make tough choices, whether that's deciding whether or not to take a particular action or putting on your detective hat to figure out the identity of an AC Valhalla traitor or cult member.

Once you're a few quests into the Jorvik story arc, you'll pick up the Closing the Vault quest and have another decision ahead of you. You've already identified two of the AC Valhalla Order of the Ancients' cult members in Jorvik but now you need to figure out who the Vault is. If you're stumped, read on to find out the identity of the AC Valhalla Vault.

Who is the Vault in AC Valhalla?

Once you pick up the AC Valhalla Closing the Vault quest, you'll have the chance to do a little digging to help you uncover the Vault's identity. You'll be able to search the Archives for various clues and using your Odin's Sight here should help you make short work of finding them. Once a cutscene has played, you'll need to head to the Yuletide feast.

The four possible suspects are:

  • Ricsige
  • Faravid
  • Audun
  • Hjorr

You'll have the chance to speak to each one to help you decide but if you're still stuck, the Vault is Audun. Strangely, it doesn't seem to matter who you accuse at this point as the scene that follows is the same regardless. 

Once the cutscene has played out, ignore the guards, chase down the Vault and assassinate him to rid the world of another cultist.

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