Where's our Titanfall 2 review?

Reviews for Titanfall 2 are popping up online, a few days before its October 28 release date. Our review is absent for the time being, though, simply because we haven't had enough access to the PC version yet.

Earlier this month, EA ran a two-day review event with a developer-guided campaign playthrough on console followed by a PC multiplayer session. We chose not to attend—for obvious reasons regarding the campaign, and because multiplayer in a controlled setting wouldn't meet our standards for a review anyway. We would've just had to play it again in a realistic setting, so we prioritized other things.

After that event, some outlets received retail console copies of Titanfall 2 for evaluation, but we're still waiting on a PC version. So between the half-console review event and the wait for early PC copies, we haven't had the opportunity to play Titanfall 2 enough on PC yet. We expect to receive a build of the PC version early this week, and will start getting our impressions online soon thereafter.

In the meantime, here's what some outlets who received and reviewed the console version are saying. Their rough consensus: it's good.

  • GamesRadar+ (4.5/5) — "Intelligent, creative, and never less than thrilling, Titanfall 2 finally realises the series' true potential with verve and polish."
  • GameSpot (9/10) — "In many ways, Titanfall 2 feels like the game Respawn should have made in 2013. It's a fantastic sequel. It's a fluid shooter. It's a spectacular game."
  • Polygon (7/10) — "Consistency is a problem for Titanfall 2 in general, and it's a game that seems to struggle with a confident direction for its changes."
  • US Gamer (4/5) — "...a fast, kinetic, thoroughly engrossing shooter that offers many, many hours of potential entertainment."
  • Digital Spy (4.5/5) — "...a masterful piece of work."
  • Hardcore Gamer (4.5/5) — "Titanfall 2 keeps the addicting momentum-based gameplay of the original and throws in a whole lot more content."
Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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