Where to find all 9 of Ni No Kuni 2's Dreamer's Door dungeons

Ni No Kuni 2 is too easy at times, but it's not entirely toothless. On top of Kingmaker boss fights and tainted monster mini-bosses, its nine Dreamer's Door dungeons, which get more difficult the longer you're in them, really push your party to its limits. As I said in my review, exploring Dreamer's Doors was one of my favorite parts of the game because they reward you for enduring higher difficulties and ultimately unlock Mileniyah, an incredibly useful Evermore citizen. 

So, I've put together a quick guide on where to find all nine Dreamer's Doors plus the insanely difficult 10th Door they unlock. It's all part of Mileniyah's 'Top Marks for Trying' questline, so just follow the prompts once you clear all the doors and she'll join you in Evermore.  

Oh, and if you're wondering how to open the blue chests scattered around the world map, have a gander at this guide. We've also got some general tips for combat and kingdom building, plus a guide to perfectly completing the puzzle portion of the Kingmaker Trial.  

Dreamer's Door 1 

Grotty Grotto: east from Auntie Martha's Cottage, where you gain your first Higgledy. 

Dreamer's Door 2 

Sundown Woods: southwest from Evermore, or east of the Forest of Niall.  

Dreamer's Door 3 

Eert Grove: northeast from Goldpaw along the path above the sand. 

Dreamer's Door 4 

Shrine of Pining: southeast from Hydropolis on Makronos island. 

Dreamer's Door 5 

Sublime Shrine: east from Broadleaf up the northern ridge.  

Dreamer's Door 6 

Tidewash Cave: northwest from Capstan-upon-Hull, or south from Goldpaw, buried in the coast 

Dreamer's Door 7 

Crooked Cavern: east from the Sky Pirates' Base.  

Dreamer's Door 8 

Blowtorch Cave: south from Broadleaf at the tip of Autumnia.  

Dreamer's Door 9 

Shivery Shrine: north from Broadleaf in the wintry area, northeast from the large plane crash site.  

Dreamer's Door 10 

Faraway Forest: southeast from Broadleaf, just a touch northeast from Door eight's Blowtorch Cave.  
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