What's Razer's big announcement?


Razer has launched an online viral marketing campaign recently, ahead of a big announcement on Friday. It must be big - it's been backed up by a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal (Global Edition).

The campaign is based around the concept that "PC gaming is not dead". Something we could have told them for considerably less than they spent on the agency which designed the website to go along with it.

I know we're a little late to this story, that's partly because I was decorating my flat yesterday and missed the press release. But it's also because the debate about whether or not PC gaming is dead is exceptionally dull and I'm wary about giving it the oxygen of publicity. The argument that PC gaming is dead is, in fact, dead in my eyes.

However, Razer's microsite, with it's Fallout style console and voiceover is worth looking at. It's amusing and cryptic (as these things go) and there's no clue as to what the upcoming launch is. They did, however, tell us that the Switchblade netbook was probably moving beyond concept stage a couple of weeks ago.

The Switchblade is a good looking machine with a lot of promise. Not only does it look beautiful but the contextual keyboard, where action icons replace letters depending on the game you're playing, is one we've been waiting for since the near mythical Optimus Maximus . But I'm not sure that if PC gaming needs a saviour it'll come in the form of an Atom-powered device.

We'll see - there's always a chance that this isn't an announcement about the Switchblade, which would be truly interesting. Only a couple of days until we find out.