What's inside Peter Molyneux's Cube? Sneak a peek in this week's Curiosity beta tests

You're unlikely to find out what life-changing secret is supposedly buried in Peter Molyneux's giant box of dreams, or get the chance to buy that $50,000 pickaxe you've been saving up for. You could however get the chance to take a look at whether there's more to Curiosity than its basic chip-chip description makes it seem. The beta runs every day this week from 16:00 - 17:00 GMT.

Here's the man himself demonstrating it at Unite 2012. If the video doesn't take you to the right place automatically, skip to 1h44 to see the demo.

It looks like you'll need some kind of iOS device, unfortunately, but we'll allow this transgression in respect for how many great PC games Molyneux has helped bring us. If you're interested in trying it, head here to sign up. The actual game is due out later this month.

Current Top 5 Guesses For What's Inside The Cube

1. A facehugger. Boo!

2. A note saying "IOU 1 life-changing surprise - PM"

3. An inner adamantium layer with this printed on it.

4. The realisation that your PC has become a conduit to an alternate dimension whose mighty technology has conquered fear, suffering, hunger and the lack of a machine that delivers soul-shaking orgasms at the touch of a button, but whose people are currently under threat by an invading army of sinister blocks that threaten to destroy their way of life. They cried out for a hero, and through a psychic link, Peter Molyneux heard their pleas. In response, he created this - not merely a game, not a social experiment - but a way of finding the greatest block-busting hero on Planet Earth. The winner will be spirited away to save an entire civilisation from being overwhelmed by the cuboid menace, raised to God Emperor of Alpha Centauri, and spend their new immortality living in a state of endless bliss.

5. A free copy of Powermonger on GOG.