What we want from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

It's an understatement to say that we don't know much about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Respawn's Vince Zampella showed up at EA Play this year before E3 to say, essentially, 'Yes, it exists.' But we have a title, we know it's a single-player game and we know the developer's history—which goes all the way back to the Medal of Honor series—and most importantly, we have opinions about Star Wars (a rare quality). 

Here's what we're hoping to see when Fallen Order makes its big debut next year. Let us know in the comments what kind of Star Wars game you want to see next.

Blasters with Respawn's trademark feel 

There are few FPS developers working today who know how to make better weapons than Respawn. The studio was of course formed by ex-Infinity Ward devs, who made their bones designing some of the most kinetic and punchy guns ever to grace a video game. I hope the LucasArts licence doesn't stop them from bringing that kind of lethality to the Star Wars universe. I want a quicksilver TTK married to state-of-the-art ragdolling. We don't need blood squibs or jibbing, but I want this to be a brutal take on the Star Wars universe. Match aggressive gunplay with the kind of creative set-piece campaign beats that Respawn delivered in Titanfall 2, and Jedi: Fallen Order could be one of the most exciting projects coming to PC. —Tim Clark

Jedi duels, and lots of them 

Respawn specialises in fast-paced combat with a lot of movement, which is a pretty perfect match for a Jedi game. Combined with the different sorts of tools on display in Titanfall 2, too, they're probably going to be a great fit for putting Jedi powers on the screen. Honestly, I love the idea of a Jedi game through the prism of Titanfall—I imagine it ending up a bit like Bulletstorm with Force powers and a lightsaber. Since there can only be two Sith at a time, though, does that rule out a bunch of Jedi duels in this game? Nah. I reckon they'll have some General Grievous-style robots to fight, or they'll just ignore that rule. Just give me lots of AI Sith to cut down, we can worry about continuity later. —Samuel Roberts

 Sith agents that hunt you for using your powers 

If you're playing a Jedi on the run from the rising forces of the Empire, I'd love to see some reactive systems in Fallen Order that taken into account how and when you use your powers. If you stick to a blaster, you stay under the radar, but you can make the game harder on yourself—and more exciting—by using your Force powers, thereby drawing the attention of Sith agents trying to hunt you down. I have no idea how that would work, but I like the idea of a Star Wars game reacting to how you use the Force in some way other than the old Light vs Dark. —Wes Fenlon

A memorable post-Episode III story 

The most high-profile canon story between Episodes III and IV is the inconsistent but entertaining Rogue One, and like the Rebels series, it's much closer to A New Hope in the timeline than it is to Revenge of the Sith. Jedi: Fallen Order is set shortly after Episode III, and it's about a surviving Padawan who presumably has to avoid being mowed down by clone armies. This timing also makes a Darth Vader or Emperor appearance seem possible—but the exciting element to me here is the idea of a Jedi on the run or in hiding.

I like the idea of the videogames taking on stories you won't see in the Star Wars movies. Battlefront 2, for example, showed what happens when soldiers of the Empire defect, even if it wasn't quite long enough to do that idea justice. I'm excited by the potential of a story about a Jedi student who doesn't stand much of a chance against the forces coming to hunt them down. —Samuel Roberts

Customisable lightsabers

Look, some people always want to play with a green, blue or red lightsaber, and I respect that. They're the classics. But Jedi Academy let you pick your lightsaber colour, and I would appreciate it if Jedi Fallen Order let me carry a goddamned purple lightsaber. In fact, let me carry two lightsabers like this guy in Jedi Knight. Or one double lightsaber. Or lightsaber knives, whips and all that other stuff carried by the guards in The Last Jedi's duel sequence. —Samuel Roberts

Branching paths for Light and Dark 

OK, I'm really invoking my love of Jedi Knight here, but if you're playing a Jedi, you should have some degree of choice over your path through the game. It'd be nice if the last third took a totally different route based on your actions throughout the story, and if the powers you could unlock reflected that too. —Samuel Roberts

Bring back Dash Rendar, then kill him again 

I'm sorry if this tramples on your memories of Shadows of the Empire, but Dash Rendar sucked. Everyone knows he was a poor man's stand-in for Han Solo, and I wasn't sad when his ship blew up at the end of the game (the Star Wars wiki tell me it was a trick and he lived, but in my headcanon Dash is dead). Now that all the old expanded universe is filed neatly away into the "Legends" drawer, there's nothing stopping Lucasfilm and Respawn from bringing back a younger Dash Rendar and killing him off again for kicks. Maybe this time a wampa eats him. —Wes Fenlon

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