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What the hell is going on with Nioh's brightness slider?

Nioh is out tomorrow for PC, but I'll never be able to play it because I'll never be able to get beyond the brightness slider prompt it opens with after booting it up. I get enough anxiety from gamma sliders that want me to make their symbol of choice 'barely visible,' but matching the intensity of a magic eye puzzle with an ambiguous blotch of grey will ruin me.

See for yourself below. 

As I scroll up and down this very page, the rightmost silhouette appears to flicker between brighter and dimmer shades of grey, as if to mock me. I'm reminded of that blue-black internet dress scenario, and just as tortured. 

Zoom in on the rightmost guy and this is what you see:

The other guy is just grey, so I suppose you're meant to squint and hope that the blurred grey you see through dry, tired eyes matches. 

OK, so they're not the same shade of grey, which I only found out using a photo editor. But I'm looking to match intensity, and I would describe the process as a whole quite intense. "Intense" is defined as an extreme force, degree, or strength, which could mean I'm looking for anything here.  

Hold up, I think I get it. 

Intensity matched.

James Davenport
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