What the Golf? dev has a new VR game that turns your precious hands into wooden smacking sticks

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What if, instead of regular old human hands, your meathooks were two wooden baseball bats? That's the deep philosophical question Triband is looking to answer with its bat-themed sequel to 2020's What the Golf?

What the Bat? takes the offbeat physics fun of its predecessor and throws it into VR, tasking you with completing all manner of jobs with your wooden club claws. Aside from being able to use them for their actual purpose of hitting balls, the game is stuffed with different toys and minigames to play around with. You can gently smack a chicken for its eggs and then attempt to crack them open with your wooden stumps. They also make for great smashing tools, breaking open piggy banks or launching objects through glass windows if that's what you fancy.

My favourite task I spotted in the trailer has to be serving up some tasty fishy treats to a row of orange cats, their blank stares boring into my very soul as the bats frantically smack a lever, green fish slopping down onto the plate. It looks to be a daft bit of fun, the exact sort of game that makes me wish I had a VR to mess about and have a good giggle at for a few hours. Considering Chris Livingston gave its predecessor 88 in his What the Golf? review, I have high hopes that Triband's new game is going to be a good'un.

What the Bat? swings onto Steam on November 17.

Mollie Taylor
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