We're hiring new PC hardware writers

We’re looking for hardware fanatics who can write copy that’s as immaculate as their cabling. PC Gamer is looking to expand its pool of regular freelance writers covering components and the culture around them for the site’s hardware section. If you're an experienced writer or reporter who knows their way around a motherboard, that means you. 

What we're looking for

We're looking for specialized hardware writers who can write authoritatively in one (or more!) of the following categories as paid freelancers.

Hardware reviewers: We're looking for experts in several categories to help us write reviews and maintain up-to-date buying guides with great consumer advice in several categories:

  • Monitors - We expect you to be able to test monitors and analyze them on technical categories like color quality and input lag. 
  • Microphones - Testing mics for livestreaming and everyday chatting. 
  • Webcams - Testing webcams for livestreaming. 
  • VPN - Not quite hardware, but we want an expert VPN user to test and recommend the best services for gaming and general use.  

Hardware features: We want you to pitch us interesting stories about PC hardware culture, its history, and unusual things people are doing with their PCs. Tell us the forgotten history of some cool bit of technology. Take us behind-the-scenes at an event or a mod shop. Pitch us short articles or long features like these: 

Hardware advice and How-Tos: PC gamers have a million questions. Help us answer them with straightforward, practical advise in our Ask PC Gamer column. You'd be responsible for weekly, concise articles on topics like what is Vcore, which display cable should I use for my monitor?, and should I leave my computer running all the time? Are you a hardware know it all? Turn that info into cash.

Weekend hardware news: We're looking for a self-sufficient reporter to find and cover the PC hardware scene on the weekends. This could be the latest news about cutting edge products, reporting about the intersection of our hobby with government and politics, or more fun stories about the culture surrounding PC gaming. 

How to apply

Send an email to editors@pcgamer.com with "Hardware writer" in the subject line. Your email should include:

  • A little about yourself, your previous writing experience and why you're a good fit for PC Gamer.
  • Which category (or categories) you want to write about.
  • Links to 2-3 published articles you've written showing similar work. 
  • If you want to write feature articles, include 2-3 pitches (one paragraph each) with your ideas.
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