We're giving away 2,000 PUBG Savage beta keys here (Update: they're gone)

Update: The raffle is closed. Congratulations to the winners!

We got our first look at PUBG's new 4x4km map, Savage, two weeks ago during its first round of player testing. With a quarter of the landmass of PUBG's two existing map, the faster pace leaves less time to obsess over loot and more time for combat.

Today, the second round of player testing begins for Savage on PUBG's experimental server, and we've got 2,000 keys to give away!

We're giving away these 2,000 keys in a raffle today. Please note that entering does not guarantee a code. Click the link below and enter your email to put your name into the raffle. Today at 6 pm Pacific time we'll close the raffle and codes will be emailed to randomly-selected entrants. That's only a couple hours to participate, so enter quickly and good luck!

(Note: Godankey won't keep your email address after sending your code, and we won't see it.)

Savage will become available for testers Monday (today!), April 16, at 6 pm PDT, and the testing will end on April 18 at 6 pm PDT.

Enter below—and if you don't see a form below, enter by clicking here.

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