We're giving away $1000 of Steam Wallet cash

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We're on the cusp of an amazing few months of PC gaming. MGSV, XCOM 2, Fallout 4, Hitman, and much, much more; all available between now and the end of the year. It could very well be an expensive 2015, which is why we've partnered with Bundle Stars to give five lucky winners $200 of Steam Wallet cash.

Additionally, ten runners up will receive a copy of Bundle Stars' Killer Bundle 4. The bundle packs in ten Steam games for a mere £3.99/$4.99—a massive saving of $120. The Killer Bundle 4 contains theHunter: Primal, A Story About My Uncle, Godus, Overture, Sudeki, Of Guards and Thieves, Lemma, The Silent Age, Hero of the Kingdom II, and The Sun and Moon. It's available until Thursday, September 3.

To enter our Steam Wallet giveaway, just follow the instructions below.

Bundle Stars will pick the winners after the competition's end, on Thursday, August 27 at 4pm. Winners will be contacted by email.

Good luck!


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