Weekend Game Deals - Save big on TOR and Interplay classics


$20 off Star Wars: The Old Republic, the entire Gothic series for only $12, multiple ways to save on the Mount & Blade series, lots of triple-A titles for as low as $5 and much more should keep some money in your pocket this weekend.


This week's cheapie Steam highlights include 40% Wargame: European Escalation (opens in new tab) , half off Might & Magic Heroes VI (opens in new tab) , the entire Gothic series for $12 ( ACT FAST! (opens in new tab) ), and 10% off newly-released Legends of Grimrock. Oh, and those of you who would like to see what it'd look like if Limbo had a baby with a Metroidvania game should really consider pre-ordering Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (opens in new tab) at 25% off.


From now until April 20th, get $20 off both the Standard and Digital Deluxe versions (opens in new tab) of Star Wars: The Old Republic (opens in new tab) . Not a whole lot else on sale on there this week, however, almost every Amazon EA deal below can be activated via Origin.


Amazon's rather astounding sale on 400 GAMES from last week has withered to a still-impressive sale on 150 GAMES (opens in new tab) . Luckily, most of the good stuff is still drastically encheapened and will probably remain that way until Sunday. You'll find The Darkness II (opens in new tab) , Saints Row The Third (opens in new tab) , Serious Sam 3 (opens in new tab) , and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (opens in new tab) cheaper here than anywhere else. Please note that many of these games can also be activated via Steam or Origin and these deals expire on April 15th - make haste!


A lot of great ways to save on Impulse this week. Highlights include 50% or more off of Dungeon Siege III (opens in new tab) , Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (opens in new tab) , and Dead Space (opens in new tab) , plus multiple ways to save on everything in the Mount & Blade (opens in new tab) series.


It's hard to top GOG's free Fallout deal from last week, but they've tried mightily by reducing the all the classic Fallout games to $2.99, along with damn near everything else from Interplay! Descent, Earthworm Jim, Kingpin, MDK and practically everything else Interplay released on PC can be purchased together in a $95 DRM-free bundle, or separately at $2.99 a pop.


Impulse is offering a better deal on the Mount & Blade Complete Collection, however, certain games in the series can be purchased for less individually on Gamefly. The Netflix of Video Games is also offering the original Men of War FREE with the purchase of the all-new Men of War: Condemned Heroes (opens in new tab) .


Save $10 on all things Alan Wake (opens in new tab) this weekend on GamersGate. Even crazier, they're offering the 1C Complete Pack (opens in new tab) , almost 100 GAMES, for $20! Also be sure to peep the IndieFort Bundle NR.1 (opens in new tab) , featuring six games and several unlockable bonuses. The suggested price starts at $5.99, but the more you choose to pay, the more bonus content you can get (some of which is still a secret! shhhhh. ...)

Know of any more game deals this weekend? Be a lamb and add 'em in the comments.