Snag a free Main Assembly beta key and get a chance to win a Reign SENTRY MKII gaming PC

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We've secured 55,000 Steam keys for the beta of Main Assembly, Bad Yolk Games and Team17's robot building sim. Rather than attempt to fashion them into a fearsome robot made entirely of ASCII, we've decided to pass them along to you.

Main Assembly sets you loose on a powerful, free-form crafting tool that lets you build robots in pretty much whatever shape you fancy. A car robot? You can do that. A plane robot? Sure. A robot robot? You're the boss. Once built, you get to assume direct control—taking your creations across all-terrain sandboxes, or even testing their limits through various challenges.

Or you can make use of the in-depth programming interface to create complex logic chains, giving your creations life. Or at least a predictable, defined approximation of it.

The beta currently features three challenge sets featuring a total of 11 levels, two sandbox maps and over 60 parts. Plus you can build (and compete) with up to three friends in online multiplayer. These keys will give you access until the end of the beta on June 8, ahead of Main Assembly's Early Access release on June 11.

To grab a key, simply enter your email address into the widget below. This is a first-come-first-serve giveaway, so once they're gone, they're gone.

Note: if the key widget isn't working, you'll need to disable adblock.

There's more. Anyone who grabs a key will also be able to take part in the creation contest that's running on the PC Gamer Forums, to win a Reign SENTRY MKII gaming PC worth over £2,000. It features an RTX 2070, an i7-9700K and is built for 1440p gaming. Head here to submit your creation. The competition runs until 11:59 PM ET on June 12, 2020, at which point Team17 will be picking a winner.

This competition is subject to Future's competition terms and conditions.

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