We have 20,000 LawBreakers alpha keys to give away (Update: all out!)

LawBreakers, the upcoming competitive shooter about breaking the laws of society and the laws of gravity (Inception horn), has been in closed alpha testing for a couple months now. This weekend, developer Bosskey wants to invite 20,000 more players in for its last alpha test before the devs step back to work on addressing feedback. At least, that's what I gather from the 20,000 Steam codes that appeared in my inbox earlier this week.

Want one? Normally we'd hand these out in a raffle, but with so many keys to give away it's just first-come-first-serve for as long as this spreadsheet has unclaimed codes. Just enter your email address into the form below (Godankey won't keep your information or show it to us), and a key will be on its way to your inbox. If you don't see it right away, just give it a bit of time or check your spam folder.

The alpha runs from this Saturday at 1 pm PDT to Sunday, August 7 at 6 pm PDT.

Update: All 20,000 keys have been given away. Sorry!

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

Tyler grew up in Silicon Valley during the '80s and '90s, playing games like Zork and Arkanoid on early PCs. He was later captivated by Myst, SimCity, Civilization, Command & Conquer, all the shooters they call "boomer shooters" now, and PS1 classic Bushido Blade (that's right: he had Bleem!). Tyler joined PC Gamer in 2011, and today he's focused on the site's news coverage. His hobbies include amateur boxing and adding to his 1,200-plus hours in Rocket League.