We have 200 Rising Storm 2: Vietnam closed beta keys to give away

The Rising Storm series, like the Red Orchestra series before it, is about authenticity, teamwork, and hesitating to shoot because you're not sure if that guy is on your team or—ah, crap, he shot you.

It takes some time to get used to—there are few shooters quite like these—but at least in the previous games, it's always been worth learning the ropes for the stories of mass rushes, danger close artillery strikes, and last stands.

We're still evaluating the series' latest, but here's a chance to join us and try it out yourself: Tripwire has sent over 200 codes for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam's closed beta to give away to our readers. Just enter your email address in the form below (we'll never see it, and Godankey doesn't keep it) and when the raffle ends tonight at 10:30 pm EDT, 200 randomly selected winners will be emailed their Steam key. 

The current closed beta period is going on right now, runs through the 22nd. The key will also grant winners access to the second closed beta period, which starts April 4. Good luck!

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