We have $1000 of Steam Wallet funds to give away

Bundle Stars

How would you like $500 to spend on any Steam game that takes your fancy? Two winners in today's Bundle Stars giveaway can enjoy a spending spree on us, while runners up will win the Bundle Stars Indie Legends Bundle. That includes the stylish co-op heist game, Monaco, the joyful platforming 'n punch game, Guacamelee, the addictive and pure fighter, Divekick, and more.

To enter, check out the widget below. You can improve your odds by adding extra entries in the sweepstake. You get two extra entries for following PC Gamer and Bundle Stars on Twitter and Facebook, and for joining the Bundle Stars and PC Gamer Steam groups. The randomly selected winners to be picked on Tuesday May 4 at 4pm GMT / 8am PST / 11am EST. Good luck!


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